Ladies in black

Black color, between classic and fusion.



Black is the best shade to represent the essence of "classic" style.

High-heeled black satin décolleté are timeless shoes that become contemporary thanks to the plexi touch.

Beachwear 2019 swimsuits become very elegant thanks to couture shapes, V necklines and plays of strings and inserts. A dynamism, given by shapes and cloth, that reinvents the most classic of bathing suits. Golden laminated leather and high-heel sandal is the perfect match for a pool party.


Total black, between horizontal and vertical lines: the shoe design follows the line of high heels and the clear insert unveils the curve of the foot wrapped by satin.


Dress and skirts show volumes and materials beyond the schemes and the rules of feminine elegance. The elegant décolleté with rhinestones and high heels is a demonstration of charm and originality.


Black to be worn not only by night, but also during the day, to show how sandal suede and rhinestones reflect sunshine.