Girls love glitters

Sparkling details of spring-summer by Sebastian.

It’s good
to be brilliant

Shoes addicted, it's time to shine! Sparkles have a seductive appeal and highlight your look with a sophisticated touch. And what's brighter than the season in which the sun shines over the sea?

An entire new line from Sebastian's collection enhanced by rhinestones chains, jewel buckles and gems to create impressive looks while wearing fluffy dresses or sensual outfits. Metal leather and the use of brilliant colors - such as golden and silver - dictate next season trends as well.


Satin slippers or sandals made with multicolored laminated leather to be combined with white trousers or a pastel dress are a must of this season.

Black&white&gold. Metallic brilliance is enhanced by a play of longitudinal lines that make every step sinuous and vibrant.


Gold and red: symbols of elegance and desire in a breath-taking outfit with a laminated leather, rhinestone buckled high heel sandal, combined with a long sensual dress.