Sebastian Milano Creative Director Dori Hazan On Size-Inclusive Footwear

Pride Month means many things in fashion, but to Dori Hazan, the creative director of Sebastian Milano footwear, it’s about size inclusivity.
Hazan is the force behind the “Fem For All” campaign, which is inspired by his best friend Judy, “a stunning drag queen,” he said. “Watching her struggle for years to find luxury women's shoes in her size was eye-opening,” said Hazan.
“When I became the creative director of Sebastian Milano, I knew we had to change that.”
He says that to be a modern brand that honors their heritage, Sebastian Milano carries feminine shoes from sizes 35 to 44. “In 2024, as conversations about gender and sexuality become more mainstream, the fashion world must evolve too,” he said.
The latest footwear collection is inspired by LGBTQIA+ icon Grace Jones, a singer and fashion luminary who saw her rise at Studio 54 in the 1970s. Her androgynous look—from her short hair to angular fashion—played with gender norms and offered a new look on femininity.
“Grace Jones became a fashion icon there by constantly reinventing herself,” said Hazan. “She loved to play with her gender, sporting strong features, a ‘masculine’ haircut, and always walking a fine line that left onlookers questioning her sexual identity.”
The new Spring/Summer 2024 collection models each shoe after one of Jones’ iconic style moments. The main hues of this collection are glittery gold and silver, but there are also touches of glamorous, iridescent hues, as well as pastels.
One style called the Hera is a slip-on heel with a loose braided strap style, while the Minerva platform heel is bound to make a statement with a bold night out dancing. The Aisha heel is a pointy pump that comes in black, iridescent pink, yellow and silver, while the Raina is a kitten heel best suited for day looks, like palazzo pants or midi dresses.
One shoe from the collection is a limited-edition piece called the Muse, and is inspired by a big, red round hat that British milliner Philip Treacy designed for Jones. This heeled black patent leather shoe with red crystals made its debut at Milan Fashion Week 2024, and only 99 pairs are available.
It’s apt that this collection is being celebrated during Pride Month. “As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, it's essential to mark this time with the joy and vibrancy that define us,” said Hazan.
“This celebration reminds us that the journey towards equality is far from over. In Italy, where I have made my home, the path towards full LGBTQIA+ rights still stretches long ahead of us. I believe that each of us in our community, in our own way, should bring about change and push forward what we believe in.”
Sebastian Milano is a shoe brand that saw its rise in the 1970s and has always had all of its products made in Italy. An arty footwear brand, the brand turns to culture for inspiration—from literary muses to cinema stars and music icons, while staying committed to quality.
Hazan will continue to make this shoe brand stand out. “For me, it’s important that Sebastian Milano becomes a brand that is defined as feminine but is for everyone,” he said, “to show support for the community, and to convey a message of acceptance of differences and gender irrelevance.”
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