Grace Jones Inspired: Sebastian Milano’s Spring/Summer 2024

Sebastian Milano has firmly planted its flag as a brand that celebrates the power of femininity. Many collections come and go, but Sebastian Milano’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, aptly named “Fem For All,” stands out as a bold, daring, and fearless statement.

Sebastian Milano is a brand that understands the enchanting essence of femininity, a force capable of igniting the imagination. Their shoes are more than mere accessories; they are vehicles of expression for those who want to showcase their individuality through luxurious footwear. Drawing inspiration from the world’s most iconic artists this season, Sebastian Milano turns its gaze towards the incomparable Grace Jones.

Celebrating Grace Jones’ Multifaceted Style

Under the creative direction of Dori Hazan, Grace Jones becomes the muse for this remarkable collection. Jones, a true fashion chameleon known for her strength, elegance, and playfulness, provides a rich source of inspiration. Each shoe family in the collection pays homage to different facets of Jones’ multifaceted persona. The Muse shoes, a limited-edition offering, capture the essence of Grace Jones with an elegance that’s uniquely her own. These heels, inspired by a Philip Treacy hat worn by Jones in a 1998 photoshoot, exude a sense of boldness and individuality. Just 99 pairs will be available, each numbered for exclusivity. The ‘Eva’ shoe family weaves together Jones’ iconic fashion looks with the use of rigid metal chains. It’s a bold and powerful expression, reflecting the strength and confidence associated with the androgynous side of Jones.

U-La-La Elegance

For those who exude the carefree spirit and energy that Grace Jones embodies, the Fame family beckons. With high plato heels reminiscent of Studio 54’s clubbing era, these shoes are a nod to Jones’ vivacious personality.

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