A night in the late 70s, New York City Studio 54 is mesmerised by the sensual movements of Grace Beverly Jones OJ, whose almost androgynous appearance and bold features are arousing curiosity, interest and absolute engagement across everyone in the audience.

Her skin, her voice, her gestures exude sensuality and femininity, which, juxtaposed with her angular features are creating a ‘perfect imbalance’. Her striking, fierce, glamorous, androgenic looks came together to create a unique, iconic style, and today Sebastian Milano aspires to translate these extravagant and sexually fluid statements into something that captures this essence and is eminently wearable.

Like Grace Jones, the Spring Summer 24 collection is developing many different aspects of a complex and fascinating personality. The EVA, FAME and U-LA-LA families are different aspects of the same image; a sensual, bold, unique femininity.